Activate (Full Version) Adobe Photoshop CC (any version)

We all need Photoshop maybe for personal use or business use and not all of us can afford the price for the full version. In this Article, we will walk you through how to activate any year of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Step 1:

Download and Run the program that is included on the bottom of this article under “Downloads”

Photoshop Activator
Size: 1.68 MB

Step 2: Run the Application by clicking the icon…




Note: If the ‘User Account Control’ pops up, click ‘YES’ to allow the application to run.

Related image


Step 3:

Select the application (drop down box) highlighted in blue “Adobe Photoshop CC 2017”

*Note: the year doesn’t matter, you can use this option to activate the 2018/2019 program as well.












Step 4: Click “Install” and search for the file…

Navigate to your C:/ Drive

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

Then click “Open”













Step 5: You will get a message that says “–WORKING DONE–”












That’s All! Enjoy. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to open a support ticket on the right of this page!

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