Add E-Mail Signatures In Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express allows you to create automatic signatures which can be added to your e-mails. It is a good way to save time, efforts and add unique signature to any kind of the e-mails.

To Add E-Mail Signatures In Microsoft Outlook Express perform steps below:

1. Open Outlook Express > navigate to [Tools] > [Options…] > [Signatures] tab.

Signatures Tab.PNG

2. Decide what information you would like include in your signature: Name, E-Mail Address, Phone & Fax Numbers etc.

3. Type the text of your signature in the Text section below. Enter the text exactly how you want it to be displayed in Outlook Express e-mail.


4. Test created signatures by opening up a new email message. If you choose to add the signature automatically, it should appear. If you choose to manually add your signature, go to “Insert” on the menu and click on  “Signature”.

5. Create as many signatures as you need for different purposes: work and personal, etc.

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