Automatically Change Wallpapers in Windows 7

New operating system from MicrosoftWindows 7, has a lot of enhancements which differs it from the previous Microsoft products. This time software giant concentrated on security and ergonomics. Some of the changes you could see in previous OS – Microsoft Windows Vista.

Windows 7 has many new cool features which will simplify, enhance and increase your productivity in performing daily tasks, and satisfaction from the working environment. Let’s stop on the personalization settings. One of such features which previous OSs didn’t have is the built-in tool to rotate (change) wallpapers in Windows 7 automatically.

To enable automatical changing of wallpapers at specified time intervals, perform next steps:

1. Go to [Start], then [Control Panel]. Click on the [Personalization] link or click on the [Appearance and Personalization] category and then click on [Change desktop background].


Rotate Windows 7 Wallpaper.png


Change windows 7 wallpaper step2.png

2. You need to make sure that either your theme has multiple wallpapers or you have selected multiple wallpapers from a specified folder (Use [Browse…] button to locate the folder with the wallpapers). Select wallpapers in the list you need.


Change your desktop background.png

3. Once you have selected the wallpapers you want to change, then you can check the Shufflebox below the list of wallpapers to change them randomly or leave without changes. Set the time interval, when the wallpapers will be changed.


Shuffle desktop wallpaper win 7.png

4. Now you can choose the wallpaper position, which can be Fill, FitStretchTile or Center.

Wallpaper position Windows 7.png

5. When you have multiple desktop wallpapers set, right click on the desktop, now menu shows an additional option “Next Desktop Background Picture”. Click it every time you want to change the background.

Right click menu - Change Wallpaper.png

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