Boot with VGA mode enabled (Question #39541)

Initial Problem:

User cannot boot into Windows. He was able to boot into Safe Mode. User said that video adapter configuring were made before the problem started.


Video adapter chipset drivers failed to install and lead to system failure. Safe Mode option was available because in this mode system loads basic video drivers.


To resolve this problem appropriate video adapter driver should be installed.

Here is the troubleshooting steps:

1. Boot Windows using VGA Mode (an option from Advanced Boot Menu). This mode is the best for this type of problem because it allows user to access the Internet (for driver updates) and support add-ons and ActiveX controls of web browser (some manufacturers’ sites require additional add-ons and ActiveX controls to be enabled).

2. Go to manufacturer’s web site and download drivers for your video adapter model.

3. Install the drivers.

4. Restart your computer.

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