Burning CD with Windows XP

Windows XP has built-in CD burning software. It’s actually very easy, you simply need to perform a few actions. Follow the instructions described below in order to burn data into CD-Rusing Windows XP.

Method 1.

1. Right-click the file you want to copy, then select Send To, CD-R (or whatever your CD writer is called).


  • You can use your CTRL key to select multiple files then send the whole mess to the CD burner.

When you do this Send To thing, you’ll get a cute little “balloon” from your system tray telling you that the files have been added to your recording list. Click that little balloon and you’ll open the list.

Method 2.

The next method is to open My Computer, then your CD-R or CD-RW drive. It’s probably best not to have any CD in the drive at this point, since all the files on that CD will show up and make things a little confusing. Anyhow, just drag and drop (or copy / paste) the files you need to copy to the open window.


  • Note that when you send, drag, or copy these files, it only puts them on a list, it doesn’t automatically start making the CD.

2. OK, at this point you should have some files that have been sent to the CD burner. Now it’s time to actually make your CD. Note that if you want to sound a bit more hip, you would say it was time to “cut” or “burn” the CD, but I digress.

So, stick a blank (writable) CD into your drive, open My Computer (if it isn’t already), then double-click the CD-R/RW drive. You should see the list of files you’ve selected to record. Note that you may already be on this screen if you either did a Send To and clicked the balloon or if you did the drag & drop thing (since this was where you were dragging & dropping to).

Now, look for the CD Writing Tasks section. It should be at the top left of the screen.

Click the Write these files to CD link and it will start Windows CD burning wizard. From there, just follow the prompts.


  • Note that if you accidentally stick a file on the list that you don’t want on CD, you can remove it by right-clicking the file and selecting Delete. Don’t worry, it won’t delete the file from your computer, just from the CD writing list.
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