Cannot access Flash-stick from My computer

For some reason, such as a virus or infection, you sometimes may not be able to access usb-sticks or slash-drives. When trying to open it,- you get a message prompting to select the default program for opening such files.

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This can be annoying, and from the first sight you can think of flash-stick being damaged or seriously infected, but at the same time anti virus doesn’t alarm about any of threats.

In such situation, one of the possible ways out is just to change drive’ letter, which can be changed in few simple steps.

1. Go to Start > right-click on My Computer > choose ‘Manage‘ option.

2. In the opened Computer Management window go to Disk Management item on the left pane to view all the drives connected to the current PC.

3. Choose your drive on the right side of the Disk Management window, then right-click on the usb-drive and choose ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths‘ option.

4. In Change Drive Letter and Paths window click on Change button and select unused letter. Click O.k. to apply changes.


Then check if the problem persists, it should be gone now.

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