Change MAMP to default Apache and MySQL ports

MAMP is a great app for Mac OS X that lets you quickly and easily run an entire pre-configured web server on top of Mac OS X, it’s really helpful and I use it frequently. Now my only complaint about MAMP is the port settings, by default they are set to 8888 and 8889, so instead of being able to visit localhost you have to load localhost:8888. Thankfully this is easy to change.


  • Open up MAMP and hit the Preferences button
  • Click on the Ports tab
  • Click on “Set to default Apache and MySQL ports
  • Click OK

MAMP will restart itself with the new default ports configured. This is the first thing I do when I setup MAMP and I find it makes working with the app much more natural.

And yes, I realize that Mac OS X comes with Apache server by default, but in my opinion nothing beats MAMP for it’s simple setup.

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