Disable CD and USB Drives Autoplay in Windows XP

By default, every time CD or USB drive is inserted into the PC the autoplay window appeares and asks what to do with the files. It can be very convenient for the first time, but when you insert usb-flash drives or CDs frequently, it can become annoying. In some cases automatic running of certain files can execute some kind of scpirt or scumware, that’s why it is better to disable this feature.

To turn off Autoplay feature:

 1. Press [Start] button, then [Run]. In the opened window type in: “gpedit.msc“, – press Enter.

Start - Run - (gpedit.msc).JPG

2. The Group Policy window will open. In this window expant “Computer Configuration” node, then “Administrative Templates” and choose “System” node:

Group Policy window.JPG

3. On the right pane there will be a lot of items, find “Turn Off Autoplay”. Right click on it and choose [Properties] or just double click on it.

Autoplay turn off.JPG

4. In the [Properties] window select “Disabled” radio-button. Apply changes.

Turn off Autoplay Properties.JPG

5. From now, the Autoplay pop-up window will not annoy you.

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