Get quick access to Office documents with Outlook 2010 Jumplists

Windows 7 Jumplists are right-click menus or contextual menus in the Windows taskbar that make it easier to find the files and operations you need. If you have a program open, a Jump List will appear in the taskbar.

You can also pin programs to the taskbar so that their Jump Lists are always available. If the currently used program is pinned to the Start Menu, then the Jump Lists will appear from the Start Menu. As you click on the arrow beside the program at the Start Menu, the Jump Lists will pop up.


With Office 2010 Jumplists, you can have a quick access to Word documents, Excel worksheets or other Office 2010 files. Office 2010 Jump Lists are the menu options that pop up when users right-click on any icon in the taskbar. These Jump Lists help jump to programs that users are recently working on. These files are currently pinned programs to the task bar.


However, Outlook 2010 makes use of Windows 7’s Jumplists feature for quick access to certain processes which include actions to create a new email, appointment, meeting, contact, or task directly from the Outlook 2010 Jump List.


So, with Outlook 2010 you don’t have to open Outlook to perform these operations and can use a few clicks to perform an operation and for quick access to certain processes.

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