How to block specific websites using Internet Explorer

Although web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are gaining heavy momentum, many people still prefer the default Internet Explorer web browser that comes equipped with Windows 7. With all of the many websites that you visit, chances are good that you may want to block certain sites from time to time. This can be especially useful if you have young children who use Internet Explorer, or even if you want to avoid certain websites.


Blocking specific websites using Internet Explorer is very easy to do. To get started, go ahead and open up IE. From there, click the Tools listing and select Internet Options from the drop down menu. This should open up a separate Internet Options properties window.


Click the tab labeled Privacy.


You can adjust several useful settings from the Internet Options Privacy box, but for this tutorial, we will be focusing on blocking specific sites. Click the Sites button to open up the Per Site Privacy Actions window.


Enter the URL of the website that you would like to block in the Address of website: field. After you have done so, click the Block button. This should add the website to the Managed websites list.


If you have several websites that you would like to block, you can simply repeat the above step. After you are done adding websites, click the OK button to close out of the window.


Now, the above steps simply block certain websites from using cookies through Internet Explorer. However, this does not necessarily block someone on the computer from navigating to the site.

To do that, you will need to use the Windows Content Advisor option. Make sure that you have Internet Options open, and select the Content tab.


Click the Enable button, listed under the Content Advisor sub heading.


From the Content Advisor window, select the Approved Sites tab. Here, you can enter specific website URLs that you would like to block. Enter a URL and click the Never button. This will set permissions to block the site from being viewed in IE and add the site to the blocked list. Click the OK button after you have finished adding websites.


You should be prompted with a password screen. Enter a password to use for Content Advisor. Later on when someone tries to access the website, they will need to know this password to actually navigate to the site.


That’s all there is to it. You should now be able to prevent websites from using cookies and prevent access to certain websites all together. Now when someone navigates to the website, they will need a password to gain access.


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