How to configure Security Warning message “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely” in Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer displays the next warning messages when user attempts to open some webpages that use mixed content.


Generally is used to press Yes or Ok button in the warning messages, but in this case Nobutton should be used to see the whole webpage content.

This warning message can be configured by following the instructions:

  1. Open Tools menu in IE and choose Internet options.
  2. From General tab navigate to Security tab.
  3. Select the proper zone under Select a zone to view or change security settings. And press Custom level… button.


4. Under Miscellaneous section


the option Display mixed content can be configured.


There are three settings: DisableEnable and Prompt.

This option set to Prompt by default, that’s why you see the security warning message every time when try to display webpage that use mixed content.

You can set it to Enable to permanently allow displaying webpages with mixed content or Disable to permanently prevent IE from displaying such sites.

  1. PressOktwice to confirm the changes and to close Internet Options window.
  2. Restart IE to changes take effect.
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