How to Create Email Templates in G-Mail

First we type message again and again when we wanted to send the usual douments. Then we began to copy and paste text message to save time.

Now this can be done even easier, all you need is just to create email once and save it, next time you want to send it, just choose appropriate one and send it.

How to Do That if You Have GMail Account?

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To enable message templates in Gmail perform next steps:

1. Navigate to the [Settings] link in Gmail.
2. Then go to [Labs].

Settings - Labs.JPG

3. Make sure Enable is selected for [Canned Responses].

Canned Responses.JPG

4. Click [Save Changes] button below. Save Changes button.JPG

In order to save an email for future use as a template in Gmail:

1. Compose the message in Gmail.

1.1. Leave the signature in place in case you want it to appear in messages sent using the template.

1.2. You can leave both the Subject: and To: fields empty as they are not saved together with the template.

2. Click [Canned responses] (beneath the Subject line).

3. Choose [New canned response…] under [Save] option.

4.  Name your template.

5. Click OK.

Steps you need to know when sending email using GMail templates:

1. Create a new message or reply.

2. Click  on [Canned responses] item.

3. Select the appropriate template under [Open] option.

4. If prompted to overwrite what you have already typed, click OK.

5. Make sure you fill the To: and Subject: fields.

6. Edit the message according to your needs and click Send.

How to make changes to email template:

1. Compose a new message.

2. Then click on Canned responses.

3. Select the template you want to edit under Open.

4. Perform the appropriate changes to the message.

5. Click Canned responses again.

6.Select the same template as before, but under Save.

7. Press OK.

Note: You can save these templates in your email program on your PC.

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