How to Extend Display to 2 Monitors

Sometimes you may need to connect second monitor to your PC, or to connect monitor to the notebook  to make it’s more convenient to work on a large screen.

First of all,  to be able to connect second monitor you need to have additional outputs on video adapter, or as a possible variant – second video adapter.

(Note: Sometimes you may need to install newer versions of video drivers for your adapter!)

Of course, you will need the second monitor, it can be either CRT or LCD.

To connect second monitor in Windows XP:

1. Connect second monitor to video adapter.

2. Right-click on the free space on the desktop, click [Properties]. (You can also find it in Control Panel and click on Display icon).

Desktop Options  -  menu Properties.JPG

3. In the opened window, go to the [Display Properties] option and navigate to [Settings] tab.

Display Properties - Settings Tab selected.JPG

4. Click on the grayed-out box with ‘2’ to the right of the black box which represent the second monitor.

Display Properties - Monitor with '2'.JPG

5. Enable the check box next to “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”.

Select Option - Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.JPG

6. Now set the screen resolution for the second monitor or leave it without changes.

7. If the second screen is physically attached to the left of your primary (first) screen,

drag and drop the second monitor to the left of the first display

on the Display Properties Settings window.

8. Click OK to apply the changes. Your second monitor should have activated itself by now.

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