How to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices

Very often, when you buy new hardware you usually obtain a CD with drivers for that device. In case, if you lose the CD you can always download drivers from the manufacturer’ official web-site. But this approach will not work if you do not know the exact manufacturer of the hardware or the exact device model. This article is intended to show you how to figure out with this problem.

Each device has a Vendor and Device ID associated with it. If you can find this ID, then you can easily find appropriate drivers for this device in Windows environment.

Following steps are required to be done to get the device ID:

1. Open Device Manager. Go to Start > right click on My Computer and choose Manageoption. In the opened window on the left pane find Device Manager item. Click on it. All the connected devices are listed on the right pane of the window.

Note: all the devices that haven’t been recognized by Windows or Windows has not found needed drivers for the unknown device is marked with the yellow question mark.

Yellow exclamation mark.jpg

2. Choose the Unknown device (usually it appears with such name) and then right lick on it. Choose Properties.

3. Go to Details tab and select Device Instance ID or Hardware ID.

Device Instance ID.PNG


4. On the screen above Hardware ID is: PCI\VEN_1186&DEV_1300&SUBSYS_13031186&REV_10.

Vendor ID: 1186.

Device ID: 1300.

5. After you’ve got these IDs, go to PCI Database. Enter proper Vendor or Device ID to identify the device. Continue with the drivers download from the manufacturer’ site.


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