How to Install or Remove Fonts

Nowadays large amount of fonts are available. It is common to use standart fonts for Internet publishing or document development. However new fonts sometimes should be added to achieve specific goals.


To install a font, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. Type the following command, and then click OK:



3. On the File menu, click Install New Font.


4. In the Drives box, click the drive that contains the Font that you want to add.
5. In the Folders box, click the folder that contains the Font that you want to add, and then click OK.

6. In the List of fonts box, click the Font that you want to add. To select more than one Fontat a time, press and hold the CTRL key while you select each Font.
7. Click to select the Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder check box. The new font is saved in the Windows\Fonts folder.
8. Click OK.


To remove Font you need to delete the appropriate file from “%windir%\fonts” folder.

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