How to Manage Addons in Internet Explorer 8

A simple approach to make Internet Explorer more functional and to increase its efficiency is installing of Add-ons. This topic will help you on how to manage and troubleshoot add-ons in IE browser. Note, that adding too much add-ons may cause decreasing IE performance.

1. To begin managing add-ons navigate to [Tools] in Menu bar, then choose [Manage Add-ons] option.

Tools - Manage Add-ons.png

 2. In the opened window with the installed add-ons, you can view useful information, such as its NamePublisherStatusFile DateVersion and Load Time.

Manage Add-ons.png

3. In the Add-ons Type pane you can select Search Providers add-ons and configure them: e.g. set the default one, remove or sort.

Search Providers Add-ons.png

4. In case there is a need to get more information about current add-on, select add-on and choose the Search for this add-on option below.

Search for this Add-on.png

 5. In some situations add-on can cause slow work with the browser, that’s why it’s recommended to disable such add-on. Later, it can be easily re-enabled.

Disable-enable add-on.png

Note: Internet Explorer 8 is included in Microsoft Windows 7, but even if you haven’t upgraded yet, you can usually upgrade from the official site.

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