How to print web pages in IE7 without headers and footers.

How many times have you gone to a web site and decided you wanted to print it out, but wished it did not print with all of the extra information in the header and footer? Maybe you just want to print some text and give it to someone, but do you really need to have the web site address listed across the bottom along with the date? I have just found it to be a lot nicer looking to print a web page without the header or footer info.In IE7, you can configure these options yourself. Here’s how:

1. Open IE7 and go to the File menu and click Print Preview.


2. Now, you’ll see your page and a couple of buttons across the top. You’ll notice if you hover the 5th button from the left, you can click that to turn off headers and footers.




3.If you want to keep your settings so that headers and footers are not visible any time you print a web page, go to File and then click Page Setup. Delete all of the text in the header and footer text boxes. These are the system variables for various pieces of data such as number of pages and web site URL.





&w – Window title (i.e., page title)
&u – Page address (URL)
&d – Date in short format as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel
&D – Date in long format as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel, i.e. Thursday, October 12, 2006
&t – Time in the format as specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel, i.e. 1:15:34 PM
&T – Time in 24-hour format, i.e. 13:15:34 PM
&p – Current page number
&P – Total number of pages
&& – A single ampersand (&)
&b – Text following these characters, in right-justified alignment
&b&b – Text following the first “&b” in center alignment; text following the second “&b” in right-justified alignment

Simply take these codes and put them into the header and footer text boxes mentioned above and you’re set with your own personalized text!

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